We make it one of our biggest missions at the Crimson Foundation to assist through service. We want our efforts to have a have a lasting impact. This is why we are dedicated to ensuring more children have access to educational and humanitarian aid. Below are a few of our projects that are currently in process.

  • Academies
  • Sponsorship Program
  • Partnerships
  • Teach Abroad
  • Community Development

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Crimson Academy of Kagina, Rwanda is a unique primary school offering education to children encompassing the greater Kagina region. The children have varying ethnicities and backgrounds. The school is the first of its kind and families travel great distances for the opportunity to learn. Great care was given to designing educational programs that target regional needs of the community. An assembly of young invigorating teachers and staff have come together to change the history of these children. We know this school will have lasting effects for generations to come. We are extremely honored that you have taken the time to learn about our school in Kagina, Rwanda.


The construction of Crimson Academy of Kagina began in 2009 and took roughly two years to complete. The school opened in January 2011 and began with four large classrooms serving roughly 180 children. Over the next two years, the school has added two additional classrooms to accommodate the increased enrollment. The school currently educates 300 children. The school is also recognized by the Rwandan government as a primary school. The success of this school is based on the dedication and hard work of the head master and teachers.

Sponsor Books

We’re supporting world literacy initiatives around the world. English and native language curriculum books are needed at each academy. Success in school begins with literacy and when children have access to books, learning and achievement increases dramatically. For each $5 that you donate, curriculum books in their native language and English books are purchased and distributed to support literacy efforts around the world.

Sponsor a Child

We are so excited to be in a position to offer the opportunity to directly touch children’s lives through our sponsorship program. Sponsoring a child’s education at Crimson Academy cost roughly $7.50 per month. Your contribution will cover teacher salaries, school uniforms and classroom materials and supplies. Children will now have a wonderful opportunity to learn because of your generosity. This is your opportunity for your change to make a change in the lives of children.

Sponsor a Teacher

Teachers are the guardians of the future. They have the ability to impart knowledge and transform lives. Within Crimson Academy, teachers receive their salaries through monthly donations and sponsorships. This helps to keep costs away from children who cannot afford to pay for education. The salaries given to the staff help to increase economic welfare, and offer hope to local and community businesses.

We have contracted with each teacher to pay them according to the same pay grade as the government standard. As a private school, we try to keep the salaries and benefits at least somewhat competitive so it won’t be an additional hardship on a man or woman who is gifted with the ability to teach children. However, we cannot pay the salaries without your help. By paying the teachers directly, the children can attend school without tuition, making it possible for those who need an education to receive one without being denied that right because of their inability to pay.

By agreeing to sponsor a teacher for $25 per month, you ensure the teachers are afforded the best learning environment to reach children. This helps to keep costs away from children who cannot afford to pay for education. The salaries given to the staff help to increase economic welfare, and offer hope to local and community businesses.

Sponsor a Class or School

Crimson Academy has multiple class and school construction projects in East Africa. We need individuals and business to invest in the education of children.  In each location every year we build an additional classroom to accommodate more children.  We initially build four rooms and add a grade per year until a full primary school is completed.   We have bold endeavors to expand primary education all the way through secondary school.  We need your help to provide quality education from pre-school all the way through high school.


  Crimson Foundation is always looking for partners who share our vision to provide education and education related services to children, families, and the broader community.  We are working with organizations to ensure children have basic resources to enhance learning, promote health with clean water, and utilize school supplies.  We offer a summer teach abroad program where college students spend the summer teaching children.

    • How Far Foundation:  installed water system & electricity
    • Water Our Thirsty World: donated chlorine water generator
    • Truett McConnell College: participated in the Teach Abroad Program
    • BBNS: participate in the Pen Pal and Sponsorship programs
    • Robert’s Elementary: participate in the Pen Pal and school supplies programs
    • Sycamore Elementary: donated school supplies

Pen Pal

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Teach Abroad in Rwanda – Overview

The Teach Abroad in Rwanda program seeks to provide teaching opportunities to US based school teachers and college students. Participants that are accepted into the program will travel to Rwanda during the summer school session to teach four main subjects including Math, Social Studies, English and Science. Each participant will be teamed with a Rwandan teacher to instruct children attending a local primary school.

Application Deadlines

Applications must be received in the Crimson Foundation by the appropriate deadline. Because applications for most programs are reviewed on a rolling basis, students are encouraged to submit applications well ahead of the application deadline.

Application Documents

A completed application contains the following documents:

Acceptance Documents

To continue with the teach abroad process, you will have the following documents to complete:

Pre-Departure Orientation

All students must attend a Pre-Departure Orientation before they depart for their summer abroad. The purpose of this orientation is to prepare students for their teach abroad experience in terms of both general information and program specific information.

  • The orientation is held late in the semester before the end of classes.
  • If a pre-scheduled athletic or academic event prevents the student from attending, the student must notify the Program Administrator in advance, to schedule a make-up session.

Please send an email to to receive a program application.

Trade Development

Since we are dedicated to building schools in remote areas, we think this is an important opportunity to teach the communities in which we operate the skills of home building. We hope to equip the local villages with the ability to grow and build their own communities. As we seek out partnerships, we are interested in other areas where we can assist in trade development.

Agriculture Assistance

We are very much interested in not only providing educational opportunities to children in remote regions around the world, but we are concerned with the cultivation and development of agriculture to sustain food resources. He help communities plant and grow crops with high nutrient value to combat sickness and enhance health.

Health Services

  The health of children is critically important to the wellbeing of the families and communities. Thanks to our partners, we are able to provide health services to children to address basic health related needs. We also offer adult classes in maternity care and hygiene to combat the infant mortality and disease.